If it can be drawn, we can cut it!

From less than 1mm to 25mm thick material, the Academy Sheetmetal AMADA Laser Cutter will cut or etch cardboard, plastics, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel or almost any material. The maximum size of sheet is 1500mm x 3000mm.

Our Advanced Laser Cutter

The FO M2 NT Series AMADA Laser Cutter is the latest technology, giving us the highest quality in cutting and accuracy. This laser cutter engineering uses the very latest electronics and laser management systems. The laser cuts within 0.02 of a millimetre accurately, giving our machine the ability to cut very intricate and detailed jobs.

The machine is fitted with a pallet changing table that enables us to increase the speed jobs are loaded into the cutting chamber. One table is used for cutting while the other table is loaded. The laser head will cut very thin materials at speeds of around 80 metres per minute. Thicker and harder materials are cut at a slower rate. When cutting different materials, the laser heads or nozzles need to be changed. This is done using our automatic head changer, which once again speeds up the fabrication process. When time is money, all these extras are very important. The Laser is operated by the AP100-specifically designed computer software that controls

The Laser is operated by the AP100-specifically designed computer software that controls and maintains the accuracy for the simplest and the most complicated jobs.

The drawing on our machine can be done on the AMADA AP100 software, which is a CADcompatible program. Academy also use the Intercad Solid Works drawing software to design jobs, which is a complete state-of-the-art drawing package with 3D imaging and testing capabilities.

We Deliver!

For your convenience, we can make deliveries all over NSW. We regularly send vehicles to the Central Coast and Sydney to deliver to our existing customers.