Need a customised, corrugated steel water tank fabricated to your particular size, colour and specification? Talk to the experts at Academy Sheetmetal.

Our water tank features include:

  • Manufactured from Galvanised Aquaplate
  • Painted any colour with Two-Pac Automotive matte finish paint
  • Manufactured with standard 90mm overflow, a 600mm inlet and a standard 25mm outlet to suit a normal tap (please note: tap not supplied)
  • Submersible pumps in your tank can be installed during fabrication

When choosing a tank you will need to consider:

  • Your available roof area
  • The approximate annual rainfall for your location
  • Tank location and size of the area the tank will be placed

These factors will determine the size and type of tank required.

We Can Also Supply
  • Super Rain Maxi Water Savers
  • External or internal pumps
  • Pump covers
  • Filters
  • First-flush diverters
  • Leaf screens

Yes, we deliver!

Why buy Academy Tanks?

  • Academy Sheetmetal water tanks can be custom made to any size specification at no extra cost to listed tanks
  • Custom fittings located in the positioning of your choice
  • The larger the tank the more cost effective the price, based on a cents per litre basis
  • Discounts apply with multiple tanks ordered
  • Academy Sheetmetal can pre-install submersible pumps - just plug in for instant pressure
  • 3-year warranty on tank fabrication workmanship
  • 20-year material warranty from BlueScope
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty on pumps

BASIX & Rebates

Councils now require new residential and commercial buildings to have a water tank installed. Academy Sheetmetal can assist with the selection of your water tank according to BASIX requirements.

Pre-Installed Systems

We build 3060-litre stock tanks, available in both slimline and round styles, that incorporate a pre-installed submersible pump. The pump is installed inside the tank during fabrication and the pressure switch is mounted on the top. The Rain Maxi Saver is supplied for your plumber to install.

3060-Litre Stock Tank Dimensions
  • Academy Slimline Tank 2400mm long x 850mm wide x 1540mm high
  • Academy Round Tank 1830mm high x 1560mm diameter
Pump and Rain Maxi Specifications

MaxiSave Kit DHS 900 Pump Single and Dual CV:

Tank Finish

At Academy Sheetmetal, making a quality product is important to us. This is why our tanks are painted with a Two-Pac automotive semi gloss paint, which can be colour matched to existing Colorbond colours.

Painting the Galvanised Aquaplate gives our tanks even greater resistance to weather conditions and allows for touch-ups to help extend your tank's life. This will make your tank a feature to your home.

Positioning & Installation

Under the Academy Warranty, we recommend that your new tank be strapped to a wall, fence or house. A few more things to consider:

  • All water should be removed before moving the tank
  • We recommend a flat concrete pad at least 150mm thick or a custom-made Academy tank stand to ensure stability
  • If your tank is damaged due to incorrect installation, this may compromise your warranty

Our Water Tank Warranties

We are so confident about the quality of our work that our tanks come with a 3-year workmanship warranty. Other warranties include:

Academy Workmanship Warranty

3-year warranty on your tank for workmanship. This includes pump installation and tank fabrication.

BlueScope Aquaplate Warranty

The BlueScope Aquaplate warranty is valid for 20 years after installation. This is a minimum life figure. For further information, please refer to the BlueScope Steel website.

Ramdex Pump and Rain Maxi Warranty

Ramdex Rain Maxi Saver water controller and pump have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase. Installation of the pump in the tank is designed for easy replacement or removal if required.

Total Warranty Referral

All Academy Tanks have a plate with a unique number on it. On your sales document, the serial number of the pump will also be recorded.

In the event you have a problem with your tank, pump or Rain Maxi Saver controller, please contact Academy Sheetmetal and quote:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • The serial number of your tank

Warranties are specific to the name and address shown on the invoice. Academy Sheetmetal will administer all warranty issues. We are just one phone call away!

If the tank is moved to another address or is sold to another party the warranty is considered null and void.

Garden Beds

Looking for a cost-effective garden bed for your property?

Academy Sheetmetal can create custom garden beds in different sizes and shapes to suit your gardening needs, all completed in our factory.

Manufactured from galvanised or Colorbond steel, your garden bed comes to you fully assembled and colour-matched to suit your roof or fence.

Garden Bed Types
  • Open base for drainage or with a base fitted
  • 380mm height
  • 780mm height
  • Colour matched to suit your fence or roof
  • Custom colours available at an additional cost